Buy Algoma Buy Fresh

The Buy Algoma. Buy Fresh. is a project that aims “to enhance economic opportunities for agriculture in the Algoma / Sault area by facilitating linkages between producers and consumers through promotion, education, and co-operation. 

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Locally Grown Food for the Northern Urban Marketplace

The research study was completed in 2012 by Dr. Nairne Cameron of Algoma University and a team of researchers from NORDIK Institute. The study surveys the propensity and capacity for Sault Ste. Marie food businesses to purchase local food. The research project is aimed at building relationships between local farmers and businesses in the food sector through education.

A major outcome of this study was the production of a help that highlights retailers offering local food in Sault Ste. Marie. The map can be downloaded here. 

For more information about the project, please visit the project page on the NORDIK website

Food Charter

Everybody needs to eat!
And everybody deserves access to healthy foods.

A Food Charter is a document to help guide policy makers, communities and residents with regards to food.  It comes about through public consultations and discussion groups where various stakeholders express their needs, concerns and visions about the future sustainability of our food system.

Sault Ste Marie is not only a beautiful place but a bountiful area with the potential to have a strong local food system.  While there have been many strides in this direction, much more can be done.  Past events and projects have raised awareness of the need to support and foster a vibrant local food system where our producers and processors can make a fair living and everyone has access to sufficient, nutritious and ethically produced food.  Awareness is growing but a number of challenges remain.  Members of our community still go hungry while much of our local agricultural land lies unused or is misused.  Much of the food knowledge and skills of our ancestors have been lost due to a reliance on processed food.  A food charter is an acknowledgment of the achievements to date and a commitment to work together in meeting the challenges facing our food system in the future.

Algoma Food Network has identified 5 key pillars for a Sault Food Charter;

  1. Local Sustainable Food Systems
  2. Fostering Population Health and Wellness
  3. Community Economic Development
  4. Celebrating Culture and Tradition
  5. Preserve Environmental Integrity

We welcome community input as we work towards our common goal of a self-reliant Algoma district.

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