Allard Street Community Gardens – Plot Registration Form



Name __________________________________

Street Address ______________________________________________ Apt. #______

City _____________________________________Postal Code ___________________

Home Phone _____________________________ Work Phone ___________________

Email address (for notices/email newsletter only) _______________________________

Plot assignment ______ Fee paid ________ Check___ Cash _____

1. Members must volunteer a minimum of 8 hours to community garden maintenance during the garden season (April-October). Please check off the tasks you are most interested in.

Site maintenance (lawn cutting, weeding, watering, cleaning & organizing tools) ____

Compost area maintenance____ Telephoning members (upcoming events) _____

Organizing Potluck Socials _____ Construction projects ______

Painting ____ Planting & maintenance of communal beds ______

Orchard care _______ Opening/closing of garden in am/pm ________

Pathway maintenance (applying mulch, weeding) _____

2. Are you interested in any of the following?

Steering committee (long-term planning) _______ Fundraising ________

Education (organizing/giving garden talks & tours of garden) _____

Publicity (upcoming events) ______ Communication/Membership (newsletter, signage) _____

Open House ______ Awards Committee ______

Garden Angel (orienting new members/ assisting members with special needs) ____

Garden Inspection (reporting garden bed maintenance issues to members) ____

Photography (taking garden photos to document season) _____

3. A plot fee of $20 (non-refundable) is due before my plot is assigned. My garden must be planted by June 13th or I will forfeit my bed. To renew my membership, my garden bed must be cleaned out at end of the season and my rental payment paid by October 31st. If my bed is not renewed by this time, my bed will be forfeited and my name will be added to the waiting list.

4. I have read the community garden rules and regulations and understand that failure to meet the guidelines will result in loss of plot fee and gardening privileges. I am aware that my contact information will be shared with other members for the purposes of communication, planning and distribution of newsletters. My personal information will not be sold or distributed outside the garden membership without my consent.

Signature______________________________________ Date___________________

Witnessed by __________________________________