Algoma University Student Food Bank

Operating hours for September 2009-April 2010 are Mondays-Thursdays from 11:30-3:30PM.

We can be reached at

Food is a right not a privilege

With the steady increase of tuition and ancillary fees and the lack of comparable student assistance indexed to the cost of living, students are frequently struggling with food security issues. This is a widespread phenomenon throughout post-secondary institutions in Canada. This awareness inspired two student groups, Food For Thought and The Summit to partner to address student hunger at Algoma University College, which led to securing a space in the university and officially opening the food bank’s doors May 2007.

Algoma University Student Food Bank is a collectively run student service that recognizes the real and often hidden issues of student hunger and its consequences. We are working to address student food security issues on campus by offering emergency food and creating awareness and support within the university community. We offer a confidential and oppression-free environment and strive to provide a dynamic service that is humanitarian both in principle and in practice and accepting of and sensitive to the various challenges and experiences that students face.