More goat to eat in Algoma

An open forum will be held for local farmers, stakeholders, and consumers interested in pursuing opportunities in the local goat market.

Hosted by NORDIK Institute, the forum will discuss past strategies, emerging ethnic markets, and analyzing the local market.

When: Monday December 13th, 2010

Where: Community Centre in the Desbarats Arena (1 Cameron Ave., Desbarats)

Time: 7PM-9PM

Colleen Alloi of Collholm Farms in Echo Bay states that the market for local goat appears to have increased and that more research needs to be done to identify the demand for locally grown animals in the Algoma district. “How big is the market for goat in Algoma, and how can producers be best positioned to meet it?” are the big questions, states Alloi.

The changing provincial demographics have led to changes in food preferences of consumers and Algoma goat producers are experiencing the results of this shift, with the primary market for goat now found in the diverse ethnic population.  Some 63 per cent of red meat consumed worldwide is goat meat, providing new opportunities for expansion by Algoma farmers.

David Thompson, NORDIK researcher states that “Goat would help stabilize farming incomes across the year because of higher peaks in demand prompted by on holidays in the Muslim and Hindu calendars.” NORDIK is particularly interested in development opportunities that diversify and sustain local communities.

About NORDIK (Northern Ontario Research, Development, Ideas, and Knowledge) Institute

NORDIK works with communities and community-based organizations to address social and economic challenges and develop long-term sustainable solutions. For more info, visit Institute has been working with the Algoma Food Network and groups of producers, including Penokean Hills Farms, a group of local beef producers, around finding sustainable alternatives for local food production since 2007.

Click here for a list of producers currently selling goat.


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