A Taste of Algoma Valentine’s Brunch

A Valentine’s Day Local Food Brunch doesn’t seem like such a feat if you live in California or maybe even B.C. but here in the Sault it’s another story.

There was a great turnout of hungry people at Willowgrove United Church on Sunday for the first annual ‘A Taste of Algoma Valentine’s Brunch’. They fed on the generosity of the volunteers who prepared a fantastic meal which highlighted a surprising variety of our local producers.

“Living for the Earth” was the theme for the event.

The menu consisted of quiche, local beef or venison sloppy joes, coleslaw and carrot salad, pickled vegetables, a variety of local fruit crisps and Fair Trade tea and coffee.

It turns out that the secret to having such a good variety of local ingredients is to be prepared.  The beginning stages of the event were being planned last summer and fall when freezing and canning were already underway.

It was a delicious and fun event. Not only did we fill up on food but the volunteers also provided plenty of information about the importance of eating local.

Thanks again to Marg Cameron and all the volunteers for all there hard work and dedication.

The local food growers and producers involved were: Penokean Farms, Lock City Dairies, Superior Bakery, Dave and Sheila Garson, Susan Wilding and the bakers, gardeners and berry pickers in the Willowgrove Church Community.

(pictures to follow)

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