Edible Algoma Raises over $2000.00

Birgit Kroll and Suzanne Hanna from the Algoma Food Network were on hand yesterday to present Calna McGoldrick with a $650.00 donation to help offset some of the costs involved with keeping the Sault Ste Marie Soup Kitchen running. The funds were raised as part of “Edible Algoma” a local food dinner held this past Sunday at the Riverfront Golf Club Restaurant. There were 14 restaurants and producers who participated in this exciting event as well as over 80 guests and volunteers who attended and enjoyed the many varied dishes all using at least one local ingredient.

The dinner raised over $2000.00 for local food banks; Vincent’s Place and the Algoma University Student Food Bank will also receive $650.00 each to help with the upcoming Thanksgiving season.

“This event was a great success” Hanna noted. “It was a chance to educate the public on the subject of food security and generate excitement for the local food movement which is really growing here in the Sault.”


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