Community Kitchens Program

Red Cross Community Kitchens are held throughout the community at various locations. Each kitchen involves a group of 4-8 people who meet monthly to plan and cook 3-5 nutritious, low-cost meals. These meals are packaged and brought home to eat.

The participants get an opportunity to:

  • meet new people and have fun
  • take home nutritious meals
  • develop new skills
  • save time and money by sharing in the cost of the food

The participants prepare and cook complete meals, usually consisting of a main entree, a side dish and dessert. Multiple servings of each dish are brought home. Participants are encouraged to bring their own containers.

The participants are actively involved in planning the menus and doing the grocery shopping.

By encouraging self-sufficiency and cooperation, the kitchens help to make our community a healthier place to live.

This program is open to any individual in the community who can benefit from this essential service.   Participants gain valuable knowledge by learning:

  • how to budget limited financial resources
  • how to plan nutritious, low-cost meals
  • new cooking skills
  • new recipes, foods and tastes

The program is made possible by the generous donation of time by Red Cross volunteers and through funding from the District of Sault Ste. Marie Social Administration Board, United Way and private donors in our community.

Want to Become a Community Kitchen Volunteer?

Please contact the Community Kitchen Coordinator at the Red Cross office at 759-4547.

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